Zürcher Theater Spektakel, Switzerland
19 - 27 August 2021


The Stammtisch

19-27 August

Sitting at a big table and coming together in conversation: The Stammtisch has become an established fixture at the Theater Spektakel, where hosts and guests share ideas and insights. This year's topics focus on «Arrivals + Departures» by YARA + DAVINA. Each evening the public are invited to participate in the discussions and to think carefully about the time in between the arrivals and departures – for the sake of our environment and posterity.

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Death Café

Thursday 19 August

with Sarah Buchmann and Kerstin Schlagenhauf


During these uncertain times – in the midst of a global pandemic and social isolation – we create room for an exchange on the last part of life: dying and death. Is the topic of death a taboo? What about mortality? Do we give enough room to our demise and that of our loved ones before reality catches up with us? How do we say good-bye? Not least since Covid-19, political questions around death have also been brought to the fore. Such topics and everything else on our minds and hearts will be discussed at the Death Café.
Sarah Buchmann, founder of the Death Café, and Kerstin Schlagenhauf of the Zürcher Bestattungsamt discuss death with the audience.

Language: German, English

No Rescue, But Alarm

Friday 20 August

with Watch the Med Alarmphone


Each year, thousands of refugees cross the Mediterranean to arrive in Europe. They leave behind their homelands and families in the hope to find safety and a better life at the other shore. Instead, they are coerced to perilous crossings and illegalized. Once at sea, they are exposed to the violence of human traffickers and the pushback of the European community. Who is there to help when a boat is in distress? The internationally organised network Watch the Med Alarm Phone receives such emergency calls. The initiative helps to localise the boats and informs rescue organisations. Some of the people answering such calls live in Zurich. They talk about their work and the destinies between departure and uncertain arrival.

Language: German

Thinking life and death within and beyond the colonial project and fiction

Saturday 21 August

with Izabel Barros


«It takes no courage to die, it takes courage to live» Izabel Barros’ mother used to say. Colonial practices continue to threaten the lives of individuals and entire communities. Europe tends to naturalise the social extinction of some individuals and groups with the same «normality» as it celebrates the lives of the so-called normal. Together with Izabel Barros, the audience thinks about the concepts behind the words «life» and «death» in an attempt to overcome the colonial fiction and prepare for a de-colonial world. As a historian and activist, Barros questions existing power structures and promotes transdisciplinary and global cooperations with an anti-colonial approach.

Language: German, English, Portuguese

Birth Café

Sunday 22 August

with Pascale Schreibmüller


The concept for «Birth Café» was created by artist and birth activist Laura Godfrey-Isaacs. The aim is to support open conversations about birth in order to build understanding and respect for its psychosocial, cultural and bodily significance for everyone. Such conversations tend to be seen as a specialist area, whereas how we are born, as well as how we give birth has a fundamental effect on all our lives.
Together with the midwife, activist and art theorist Pascale Schreibmüller and members of the association Regenbogenfamilien, the audience discusses various perspectives and personal experiences.

The Birth Café opens on Sunday afternoon with tea and cake right next to the playground. Children are most welcome.

Language: German

Friendships and Freedom: Naming our other losses

Tuesday 24 August

Board Takeover

with Jessica Huber & Michelle Ettlin

Throughout the day the public are invited to reflect on all the other things we grieve for, our collective and personal losses over the last 18 months.

Please use the departure boards to name other losses; from friendships to freedoms, from dancing at discos to socialising at karaoke bars, to eating Fondue communally.

Jessica Huber & Michelle Ettlin will be hosting ‘I Lost**' a moment of togetherness and share simple Rituals of Tenderness at the Stammtisch in the evening a collaboration with Anja Temperli.

Spiritual Companionship

Wednesday 25 August

with Géraldine Chollet


Prenatal classes, baby showers, conversations with the midwife: We prepare ourselves for a birth – after all, a birth is a life-changing experience. But how do we prepare for other turning points – such as the loss of a limb in an accident? Who supports us when we experience a deep crisis due to an illness? Who accompanies a dying person on their last journey? Nondenominational, spiritual guidance is still relatively rare in Switzerland, yet there is an increasing demand for it. Géraldine Chollet – a dancer and choreographer – is also training as a spiritual companion. What are her experiences and how are her professions related? In this talk, she gives insight into her work.

Language: English, French

Rebellion Against Extinction

Thursday 26 August

with Extinction Rebellion

The idea that our society is constantly changing for the better remains unsubstantiated. So far, the earth has experienced five mass extinctions, during which the majority of all living beings have died out. The sixth mass extinction is probably already under way. Homo sapiens might be the first being on earth to consciously witness its own disappearance and that of many other creatures. The activists of Extinction Rebellion try to make the current climate and ecological occurrences aware to a wide population and to drive change by increased democratic co-determination.

Language: German

Vacuum between Arrival and Rejection

Friday 27 August

with Hanna Gerig (Solinetz)

Human beings seeking protection and asylum in Switzerland are placed in a Federal Asylum Centre (BAZ) for the duration of their procedure. There are two such centres in the Canton of Zurich: one following the procedures of the City of Zurich, and one without procedures in Embrach. Here, those end up whose asylum application is rejected. Sealed off from the outside world, they often live under degrading circumstances while preparing for the departure from a country where they are not welcome. Hanna Gerig works for Solinetz, an organisation promoting the rights of people seeking protection in Switzerland as well as the visiting rights of the occupants of the federal asylum centres. How do we encounter human beings who are not granted the right of protection in Switzerland?

Language: German