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Can I submit an Arrival and a Departure?

Yes, but you cannot submit an Arrival and a Departure at the same time. You will need to complete the submission form twice.

How are the submitted names moderated?

Arrivals + Departures is a family-friendly artwork and we want this project to create a safe space for sharing births and deaths. We have therefore added a process of moderating any names containing swear words or any sexist, racist, homophobic, and other discriminatory language that are submitted as names.

What happens if the name I submitted is not approved for posting on the board?

At the moment of submitting a name, you will receive a notification on this site if your name has been flagged for moderation. If you supply an email address, you will be sent a message if your name is then approved and appears on the board.

If the moderator flags your name as unsuitable, and you have supplied an email address, then you will receive a message to let you know that your submission hasn't been successful. You are then welcome to submit another name.

How many names can I submit?

It is possible to submit multiple names - you will need to complete a new form for each name you submit. Arrivals + Departures is intended as a platform for multiple voices so we ask you to only submit a maximum of around five names in order to leave space for others.

When will the submitted name appear on the boards?

This depends on how busy the submissions portal is and how many names are waiting to appear before your submission.

If there is no queue, once the name has been approved by the moderator, the name will appear almost immediately. If you supply an email address, you will be sent a message when your name appears on the board.

If the name is flagged for further moderation, this may take longer.

If there is an issue with your submission during the moderation process, the name may not appear.

How long will the name stay on the live boards?

This depends how many and how quickly names are submitted following yours. As each new name appears at the top, your submitted name will be moved down one row on the board. If no or few names are submitted after you then your name will stay live on the board for longer.

Once your name leaves the live board, it will appear in the Archive section of the website.

If you’ve submitted a location with the arrival or departure, your name will appear permanently in the Map section of the website.

What happens when a name is no longer on the boards?

Once your submitted name has moved down the available slots and has left the boards, it will be stored in the Archive section of this website.

Can the person I name live anywhere in the world?

Yes. We welcome submissions from any location.

Does the Departure have to be recent?

No. The death or Departure can be recent or historical.

Does the Arrival have to be recent?

No, but they should still be alive.

What can I do if I see an offensive name on the Boards?

While the project is active, we have a team of people regularly moderating and checking submissions to ensure that they aren’t offensive or otherwise against our moderation policy. However it’s possible that we might miss an entry – if you want to let us know of a problematic entry please email arrivalsanddepartures@artsadmin.co.uk and we will decide what action to take. Please also contact us at the same email address if you feel a name you submitted has been moderated or deleted incorrectly.